Planned Breedings

"Mika" Ch Monteral Southern Blue Belle X
Laddy"  Soveigndanes Circle Of Life
(from frozen semen Imported from Denmark)

Puppies from these quality Danes should be on the ground around October 28th

"Opal" NZ Ch Pinza’s Black Say My Name Monteral (Imp Denmark)X
"Buddy"    DK Ch Pinza’s Blue Spellbound
(from frozen semen imported from Denmark)

Opal will be bred in Mid-July so we expect puppies from these two quality Danes sometime in October 2014

Puppies fromPuppies from
Monteral Designed In Blue  -- aka Indra to

Multi group BISS Aust Ch Thunderfire Hi Ho Silver   -- aka Rupert

Born May 13th 2008

12.5 weeks

10 weeks


4.5 weeks

Eighteen Days Old


Ten Days old


New Born


Puppies from Muzwell and Kira were born October 13th 2007

1 large blue girl, and 8 handsome blue boys !

one day old




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