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Hi my name is Chris Mucalo,
I live in Hastings which is situated on the East coast of the North Island of New Zealand.
My first contact with Danes came as a 15 year old boy when my older brother Peter told me to come and have a look at his new puppy. Pablo at 6 months old seemed huge to me back then. He was a beautiful shining full black boy and it was love at first sight without a doubt!! I hounded my brother into letting me exercise him occasionally once he was old enough to do so. I just fell in love with the gentleness and soft nature of these dogs and it was at that time that I swore one day I would have a dane of my own. Little did I know exactly where that was going to lead me in the future back then!

I had always wanted to travel so after doing the big Oversea’s trip as you do, I returned home to settle back into the New Zealand way of life. It was some six years later that my girlfriend at that time started the search for me for my beloved Blue Great  dane and as they say the rest is history!!  

I  obtained my first Great Dane in 1984……. a Blue male I named “Taj”. Taj  taken from the Taj Mahal and Taj meaning magestic which I certainly thought he was. This was the beginning of my love of coloured Danes and was to become a life long dedication to this wonderful breed. Two years later after realising that “Taj” as much as I loved him wasn't really the show dog I’d hoped for I obtained my foundation bitch “Nazere” from the Jaymar kennels of Peter and Pauline Kirby. She was to become my first Blue champion and my “Heart” dog, constant companion and my second shadow. The day I lost her part of me died too and it’s something I’ll never ever forget.

Showing Blues was a hard but rewarding task back then because Blues were a far more difficult colour to compete with in the show ring! They still are today perhaps to some degree but with love and dedication the coloured breeders of this world are slowly educating the judges into this lovely variety of our breed.

I think it is all part of the challenge of breeding this beautiful colour? To be able to produce a specimen that can compete with the best of the best  that is out there and still take the wins? It’s is always a satisfying thing and makes all the hard yards that we’ve done well worth it. Through this wonderful breed and various Great Dane forums I’m associated with I have been lucky enough to forge some awesome friendships that span the world!!

Lastly I’d like to welcome you to my webpages and hope you enjoy looking at the photo’s of my Danes. Come back from time to time as we will update pictures etc at future times.


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