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the critique's done by Tony Rewston breed Specialist from the UK who judged one of our specialty shows a while back include Kira, Odin and Indra's

Kira is in the Open Bitch class, Odin is in the NZ Bred dog class and Indra was in the Intermediate bitch class.

Read the critique from the Cambridge Specialty in April 07


(New Zealand)

 Cambridge Saturday 14th. April 2007

I send my thanks to the Club’s Committee and its Officers for the honour of inviting me to judge the show. To the exhibitors for their entries and the sporting manner in which they accepted my decisions. A special mention for my very efficient Ring Steward Mrs. Rachel Williams who made my task much simpler than it might have been also Show Secretary Blackie Harland for her care and consideration.

We always have a great time with Dane folk where ever they may be and our time in New Zealand was no exception. They made us wonderfully welcome and looked after us very well. A special thanks go to Club President Les Clark and wife Carol for taking care of us at their lovely home after the show.

For us the joy of travelling is the delight of exploring new places, meeting people and hopefully making new friends. We feel we accomplished all of those things during this trip and that has made us determined to return to the Southern Hemisphere in the not too distant future.

I enjoy judging very much and I hope that comes across both whilst I’m in the ring and in conversation afterwards. The perfect Dane has not been born so what I look for is one that incorporates the breed characteristics, is sound in structure, balanced in shape and clean in outline. Size and substance are very important but as important is the elegance of the breed. Simple to describe, as a judge not always easy to find and as a breeder certainly not easy to attain.

I’m delighted to say that both here and in Australia I found the quality much improved since my last visit in 2000 and in both locations found a number of dogs that pleased me greatly. Tony Rewston

The show was held in the picturesque equine town of Cambridge nr. Hamilton on the North Island. It was held in conjunction with the Cambridge Kennel Association All Breed Show.

Minor Puppy Dog.

  1. Lowe’s Congistador Quo Biggles (AI) 6 months old fawn. Nicely proportioned youngster who was well grown for his age. Pleasingly balanced head with correct drop of lip and dark eye. At this stage he looks a little over done in ear but that will become less apparent as he grows. Straight front, sound topline and neat tail set. Should have a bright future. In the Minor Puppy challenge he lost out to the bitch on maturity and movement. He moved soundly but was a little softer in pastern than the bitch and that affected his front action.


  1. Lowe’s BISS Congistador Orion (AI) A beautifully developed 16 months fawn that has it all. Balance, substance, a clean outline and star quality. Sculptured headpiece with excellent plains, dark mask and pleasing expression enhanced by a correct ear set. He has a straight front with strong pasterns and tight feet. He has depth and width in body and an excellent rear end with good width in second thigh. I liked him very much and was delighted to award him BEST DOG. He is very well grown for his age but in the later BIS challenge his lack maturity showed and he had to give best to his DAM, but his time will come. BEST OPPOSITE SEX AND RESERVE BEST IN SHOW. I learned later that at the 2006 show he took BIS from the Minor Puppy Class. Congratulations to all concerned.

  2. Crewther’s Dhu Ban Classic Jazz. Well-marked harlequin that has a head of decent proportions if a little broad in scull but didn’t have the substance or balance of the winner. He moved with enthusiasm but his less than perfect front assembly seriously affected his movement and in turn his topline. With maturity and a little more substance to fill his ample frame his overall balance should improve.

Intermediate Dog.

  1. Pollard’s Devon Michellin Man (AI) I liked this attractive black very much and he did seem very familiar to me despite never having seen him before. I learned later that he is a son of the UK black Dane CC record holder Ch. Berevale Gilpin that I do know well and have given awards to. He has inherited many of his Sire’s qualities not least his depth of colour, excellent clean shape and correct angulation throughout. He is well balanced, has a rigid topline that he maintained at all times and he moved like an athlete, which later won him the best movement award. Later after some consideration, I also gave him the best head award, as it is classic in profile if not exactly perfect in shape. I was also delighted to make him the RESERVE DOG.

NZ Bred Dog

  1. Payne’s BIS Congistador Ostentacious. Clean looking fawn that was not overdone in any way and was the best mover in the class. His overall balance was a major factors in this class allied to a nicely proportioned head and dark eye. His well-boned front is firm and straight, with cat like feet, a sound topline, correct tail set and decent rear-end. Nice type. 

  2. Mulaco’s Monteral Colour Me Blue. As the name suggests he was a huge blue but despite his size he also had good balance and his pigmentation was excellent. He moved with pace and drive, as did all the exhibits from this kennel, from a well-angulated rear. He lost out on head to the winner but it was a tight decision, as I liked them both.

  3. Taylor’s BIS/BISS Ch. Alldanes Golden Zabros. A quality dog and another with an attractive shape but he didn’t have the bone or physique of the two ahead of him. Pleasing shape in head if a little broad. Sound topline, good tail-set and plenty of angulation but lacked the drive and enthusiasm of 1 and 2 on the move.

Stud Dog

  1. Clarke’s Ch. Lord Adrian Of Carrington. A powerful fawns with plenty of substance and well-muscled rear. He is very short coupled and moved with plenty of drive but the shortness in back allied to his substance tends to make him look a little heavy in shoulder and shorter in neck than he really is. He has a well-proportioned head, dark eye and very neat ears. I personally found his pigmentation a little distracting but despite that he has a nice expression.

  2. O’Leary’s Charlemange Above Suspicion. Brindle that pleased me very much standing as he has a good shape in both head and body. Lots of bone and plenty of angulation. Sadly his lack of discipline on the move destroyed all his cohesion, his topline and his chances.

Veteran Dog

  1. Clarke’s Ch. Lord Dante Of Carrington. Quality 8year old fawn that stood alone but could hold his own in any company. Balanced outline, super topline and well turned stifles. He could also show some of the younger dogs how to move which he did in some style. Despite now being very white around the face he has an excellent head, nice eye and neat ears, which he used to advantage. His front is still straight and he was well up on his toes. He is a lovely specimen and in the challenge he put up a good show but had to give way to younger dogs on the day. I was reminded later that the last time I was in NZ in 2000 I gave this dog the Reserve Dog award as a youngster. In addition I was delighted to be present next day at the all breed show when he took the breed and later Res. BIS. Congratulations to one and all.

Open Dog

  1. Lowe’s Ch. Willitoft Apache At Congistador (Imp Aust) Top drawer fawn that looked a picture and won this class with a bit to spare despite a slight question mark about his action. Lovely head shape with lots of length. Clean bodylines, depth and width in chest and plenty of angulation and width in second thigh. Held a steady topline with a good tail set and moved with drive. I liked him a lot and considered him in the challenge but he lost out on movement. He is the Sire of the Minor Puppy Dog, Puppy Bitch & Novice Bitch class winners

  2. Taylor’s Ch. Congistador Moose Bumps. Quality brindle that had a superb shape when standing with a classic head, lots of neck, a flat topline and well turned stifles. I liked a lot about him but sadly he was a little shy to be handled which went against him. Also his slightly soft condition and the extra weight he was carrying showed on the move so his movement suffered but a very nice dog. A read later that he is a full brother to the BIS bitch. They share a lots of similar qualities congratulations to the breeder.

  3. Crewther’s Quintessa Perian (Imp Aust) Tall harlequin that was well marked with a clean background. He has a good head and decent bone but looked a bit short on substance by comparison to the first two. In addition he was very loose all around on the move, which went against him in this kind of competition.

BEST DOG Lowe’s BISS Congistador Orion (AI)

RES. DOG Pollard’s Devon Michellin Man (AI)

Minor Puppy Bitch.

  1. Withers’ Katnyne Flyin Solo At Lapsewood A pretty 8-month-old fawn with all the essentials for a bright future. Attractive head, appealing expression, dark eyes and long clean neck. Straight front with strong pasterns and up on her toes. She is a shade long but that didn’t effect her movement unduly and when she muscles up that will be less noticeable.

Puppy Bitch

  1. Lowe’s Congistador Quality Genes (AI) Lovely type. I noted that she appeared less mature than the previous class winner and when checking later realised she was in fact younger and is the litter sister to the Minor Puppy Dog winner with whom she shares many attributes. She is full of quality with an excellent head, dark points and eyes, plenty of substance, good front, tight feet and a clean balanced look. She was just a little timid but moved with lots of drive. Another with a very bright future. 

Novice Bitch

  1. Dunn’s Congistador Q Behind Me (AI) Litter sister to the above and very similar in many ways. What an excellent litter? Like her sister she is a little long and was not as settled on the move, which tended to make her bunch up a little but her action was good.

Junior Bitch

  1. Hubrich’s Alquist Goldie Hawn (AI) I liked the quality of this bitch very much and expect her to do some serious winning in the future but in the challenge she looked immature by comparison to the eventual winners. She has an outstanding head which, although not related, reminded me very much of some of my favourite English bloodlines. She has a lovely expression, long crested neck and neat expressive ears. Has a great body shape and enough substance but needs to let down as she looks a little leggy and that showed in her movement, which was sound enough but lacked a bit of drive. Shall watch her progress with interest. 

  2. Payne’s Congistador Original Sin (AI) I liked this brindles shape and she too has a pleasing head. At the moment has better angulation than the winner but has less substance and was softer in condition as a result tended to loose her topline on the move and paddle in front. Another offspring from the BIS bitch.

  3. Hapi’s Crestwell Sweet Sensation. Mantle that probably moved the best of the three and has plenty of substance. Unfortunately was still showing the affects of a recent phantom pregnancy, which spoilt her outline on the day but a very nice type.

Intermediate Bitch.

  1. Conn’s Faondein Notre Precieuse (AI) This fawn had the edge in size, and substance over the second and I also preferred her head. Whilst she was a little down on her pasterns she has a straight front, more rear angulation and when moving maintained a more stable topline. 

  2. Mucalo’s Monteral Designed in Blue. Small but nicely proportioned blue. Is an excellent colour, stands four square, has a sound front and a good action but is narrow in loin and was not sound in topline. A fact that became even more evident on the move.

NZ Bred

  1. Lowe’s Ch. Congistador Once Only. Litter sister to the Best Dog with a similar list of outstanding qualities in head, shape and substance. Loved her make and type and she has beautiful dark highlights and eyes. Like her grand Dam the outstanding Aust’ & NZ Ch. Congistador Jelly Bean that I judged back in 2000, she is a little long cast but that didn’t affect her topline in anyway as she moved very freely and with excellent drive. She is not the biggest bitch in the World and in the challenge she too looked a little immature along side her Dam the BIS bitch and the Open Class winner. However her qualities will ensure that her turn in the spotlight is not far away.

  2. Hubrich’s Alquist Rita Hayward Of Von Riesenhof (AI) Initially I thought this fawn might win this class as I liked her style and she is so full of quality. Whilst she is a big strapping bitch she is correctly proportioned with a clean outline. She has an outstanding head, pleasing expression and correct ear carriage. In addition her topline is solid and she is well angulated throughout. Sadly the combination of advancing years and a little extra girth compromised her movement and she lacked the sparkle and enthusiasm I was looking for, which was a pity.

  3. Hapi & Craig’s Ch. Crestwell Poetry In Motion. I liked the make and shape of this harlequin. She is short coupled, has a sound front, a good bend of stifle, a decent tail set and is well marked. She went very well in deed but tended to loose her topline on the move and also looked a little lightweight by comparison with 1 and 2 but a nice type.

Brood Bitch

  1. Lowe’s Ch. Congistador Minnie Moose. This bitch had everything that I look for in a Great Dane. That beautiful balance of shape, substance and elegance. Yes Danes are a head-breed but without those other qualities the picture is far from complete. Fortunately this correctly marked brindle also has a stunning head with a lovely gentle expression, dark eyes and a wonderful length in neck. Her body is powerful with plenty of width, depth and substance throughout, excellent front with plenty of bone, width in second thigh, strong hocks and excellent angulation all round. In addition she moved very soundly whilst maintaining an air of serene calm dignity throughout the whole proceedings. In short I loved everything about her. Delighted to award her BEST BITCH and later BEST IN SHOW over her son.

I learned later of her links to the other winners here today. She is the Dam of the Best Dog also NZ Bred Dog & Bitch class winners, which only served to increase my admiration for her. Congratulations to her owner/breeders I also noted she is a daughter of Aust’ & NZ Ch. Congistador Jelly Bean.

Veteran Bitch Absent

Open Bitch

  1. Mucalo’s Ch. Monteral Blueberry Tart. Another quality exhibit from this kennel specializing in blues. They have achieved an excellent body type and this was the best yet as in addition to excellent balance she had size, and substance. She was nicely proportioned with clean lines, long neck straight front, tight feet and billiard table topline that she retained well on the move despite a very powerful action from a well turned rear. Her head has length and is balanced but like so many blues is a little broad in back scull, in her case because of her overall size that didn’t detract too much but I would have liked a tighter eye. She won this class on her excellent movement and in the challenge demonstrated that same high calibre to take RES. BITCH. Well done.

  2. Lowe’s BIS/BISS Congistador Lilly Bean. I shall forgo making any comment about this top of the tree bitch as her qualities and titles speak for themselves. As a seven year old, on the day she exercised her right to show a complete lack of interest in moving and had to pay the price.

She is the Dam of the Minor Puppy Dog, Puppy Bitch & Novice class winners 


Lowe’s Ch. Congistador Minnie Moose


Mucalo’s Ch. Monteral Blueberry Tart


Lowe’s Ch. Congistador Minnie Moose


Lowe’s BISS Congistador Orion (AI )


Speyed Bitch

  1. Lady Arden Of Carrington. Very sorry no notes available.


  1. Ch. Congistador Minnie Moose

  2. BIS/BISS Congistador Lilly Bean




Withers’ Katnyne Flyin Solo At Lapsewood


Lowe’s Congistador Quality Genes (AI)


Dunn’s Congistador Q Behind Me (AI


BISS Congistador Orion (AI)


Pollard’s Devon Michellin Man (AI)


Payne’s BIS Congistador Ostentacious

Stud Dog

Clarke’s Ch. Lord Adrian Of Carrington

Brood Bitch

Lowe’s Ch. Congistador Minnie Moose

Best Veteran

Clarke’s Ch. Lord Dante Of Carrington


Mucalo’s Ch. Monteral Blueberry Tart


Colour Classes judged on colour only

BEST FAWN COLOUR - O’Leary’s Charlemange Big Spender  

BEST BLACK COLOUR - Pollard’s Devon Michellin Man (AI)

BEST BLUE COLOUR - Mucalo’s Ch. Monteral Blueberry Tart


BEST BRINDLE COLOUR - Taylor’s Ch. Congistador Moose Bumps

BEST HARLEQUIN COLOUR - Hapi & Craig’s Ch. Crestwell Poetry In Motion

BEST MANTLE COLOUR - Hapi’s Crestwell Sweet Sensation


BEST DOG’S HEAD - Pollard’s Devon Michellin Man (AI)

BEST BITCH’S HEAD - Hubrich’s Alquist Goldie Hawn (AI)


BEST MOVER - Pollard’s Devon Michellin Man (AI)


Best Gentleman handler - Les Clark

BEST IMPORTED - Lowe’s Ch. Willitoft Apache At Congistador (Australia)




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